After Sales Parts

MOBIS supplies all the service parts required for vehicles made by Hyundai and Kia Motors at home and abroad.

The After Sales Parts division brings constant innovation to the parts supply system – including streamlining logistics hubs and establishing high-tech distribution systems early. It uses a customer-focused management approach, enhancing customer satisfaction with improved service at customer touch points and proactive communication with customers.

Genuine Parts

What are Genuine Parts?

Genuine parts are parts that meet the same quality and design requirements as the ones used when vehicles are manufactured. They are certified, distributed and guaranteed by the car manufacturer..

The car manufacturers work with parts makers right from the design and production stage, and are provided with the parts by OEM. Designed to ensure the best possible driving experience, these parts go through strict production management and rigorous quality control. The service parts go through the same process before reaching car manufacturers, and genuine parts labels are attached after factory testing. Car manufacturers have large-scale distribution networks all over the country, giving customers easy access to the parts. They also publish information materials for parts and maintenance, taking into account the specific parts for a wide range of vehicles.

Genuine Parts image Genuine Parts image Genuine Parts image
How to identify Genuine Parts
  1. Check the packaging

    Genuine parts are shipped and sold in consistent packaging; the design of the packaging is an easy way to identify them.

    * It may look different depending on products and packing materials.

  2. Identify the etched or printed logo of the car manufacturer on the parts

    Checking for the etched or printed logo on the parts and inspecting the finish of the product can prevent the use of non-genuine parts. If the part purchased is found to be defective, customers can revisit the servicing shop with the maintenance statement for repair or exchange

Genuine Accessories

What are Genuine Accessories?

Consumers have a wide range of needs for convenience and individuality, and customer satisfaction can be increased by targeting niche markets while supporting CBU sales and maintenance. To do this, MOBIS purchases, procures and develops genuine accessories itself or in cooperation with suppliers under the same brand, or sometimes has them manufactured by an OEM. These parts then reach the end users in individual units or multipacks.