Automotive Parts

At Hyundai MOBIS, we have developed and manufactured not only the three core modules, but also other auto parts designed in consideration of the safety and convenience of our customers as well as the future.

  • Cockpit Module
    Cockpit Module
    • Provides equipment for convenience, driving information and control systems, and directly protects the passengers’ safety
    • An assembled module unit designed to combine multiple parts, including an instrument panel, a cowl cross bar, an air conditioning system and airbags into a single package to provide a CBU (cCompletely Built Unit) for production lines.
    • Designing, developing and assembling multiple parts at the same time allows them to be combined. This helps to reduce the number of auto parts, lowers product weight, increases productivity and enhances quality.
  • Front End Module (FEM)
    Front End Module
    • Provides CBU makers with integrated parts for the front of the engine compartment, including the radiator, headlamps, bumper, carrier and AAF (Active Air Flap).
    • Supports parts integration, increases productivity and enhances quality.
    • We conduct research to improve pedestrian and low-speed collision safety, upgrade aerodynamics, integrate electronic parts and reduce weight by applying new materials.
  • Chassis Module
    Chassis Module
    • Benefits car manufacturers by integrating the relevant parts among those that make up the framework of the lower part of the vehicle.
    • Enables maximum productivity and quality improvement.
    • We conduct publishable research into core technologies for car manufacturers’ parts and platforms by developing the best possible modules.