Our Teams


Hyundai Mobis is currently developing the next generation of SCC(Smart Cruise Control), in which additional information from map data and communication with other vehicles or infrastructure is used to improve the performance of the SCC function.

Fields of expertise:
  • Expert in thorough testing of SCC functions both on the test track and on public roads
  • High quality in products for series production thanks to highly-detailed and careful testing
  • Close collaboration with OEMs to achieve highly-customised end products

Hyundai Mobis is currently developing the next generation of AEB(Autonomous Emergency Braking) functions, which will offer various sensor combinations to match different vehicle categories

Fields of expertise:
  • Expert in thorough testing of AEB functions both on the test track and on public roads
  • Hyundai Mobis AEB developed based on the requirements of EuroNCAP
  • High quality in products for series production thanks to highly-detailed and careful testing
  • Close collaboration with OEMs to achieve highly-customised end products
Advanced Technologies

The key focus of the Advanced Technology team at MTCE is on the development of next-generation object detection algorithms, such as for pedestrian detection in different light conditions and dynamic scenarios as part of the next generation of driver assistance system solutions.

Fields of expertise:
  • Algorithm design for the detection and localisation of targets
  • Video data processing chain generation consisting of state-of-the-art architectures and algorithms for the detection of the required objects in front of the car
  • Feature extraction algorithms, classification algorithms, tracking algorithms, and other relevant object detection and tracking algorithms
  • Management of the selection and design of evaluation tools to automatically measure the algorithm performance achieved
  • Collaboration with different departments, e.g. with the evaluation team responsible for conducting performance measurements of the algorithm design on test benches and in test cars

Another key focus of the Advanced Technology team at MTCE is on development projects in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication systems.

Fields of expertise:
  • Model-based design and implementation using Matlab/Simulink and Stateflow
  • Analysis of the model-based application software designed and implemented in co-ordination with teams in Korea
  • Model verification activities such as model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop and processor-in-the-loop testing
  • Platform software development using Linux for V2X communication

MTCE’s focuses are on the development of production-oriented standard and economy audio platforms, as well as the development of Android-based AVN platforms. These systems comprise features as radio (AM/FM, DAB(+), RDS, IP Radio), media (USB, iPod, My Music, CD, AUX, Android Auto), Bluetooth (HFP, A2DP, PBAP, AVRCP, SPP, GAP, etc.), voice recognition, rear camera, navigation, emergency call (eCall) and various displays (monochrome, TFT, external monitors, etc.).

Fields of expertise:
  • Audio, radio and Bluetooth hands-free DSP tuning
  • Bluetooth interoperability testing
  • Radio, media, Bluetooth, module and system validation
  • eCall validation for Europe
  • HMI translation, verification and design support for European languages
  • Text-to-speech tuning support for all European languages
  • Voice recognition performance testing
  • Diagnosis test for integrated center stack
  • Algorithm tuning for European radio features (DAB+, RDS)
Air Suspension(Drive on air)

Hyundai Mobis is developing air suspension systems to increase comfort on rough roads, reduce fuel consumption while driving at higher speeds and maintain vehicle height irrespective of the freight. As a first-tier supplier for air spring suspension systems, Hyundai Mobis is responsible for the setup of the system and the performance of all components involved. The logic required to set up the system in different conditions is one of the basic parts of system development.

Fields of expertise:
  • Software development for optimum system behaviour in cooperation with the OEM
  • ECU and sensor development from prototype to series status, taking into account the toughest durability standards and quality assurance
  • CAD and FEM-based calculation of stiffness and robustness behaviour
  • High-end production processes to ensure quality
  • Expertise in durability and environmental testing to assure the quality of series products
European Product Planning(EPP)

The work of the European Product Planning (EPP) team starts at the definition phase of new products and projects, including analysing customer requirements, as well as market and competitor products. The team also coordinates activities and results closely with the Hyundai Mobis Development Center in South Korea and the local Multimedia, Driver Assistant Systems and Chassis Systems teams.

Fields of expertise:
  • Market research and investigation in the field of automotive products and technologies; planning of future products
  • Collection of data about the market and market development; analysis of competitor products with a focus on new technologies in the vehicle
  • Analysis of the collected data for trend analysis
  • Measurement of market shares and market potential in cooperation with external market research companies
  • Planning and implementation of benchmark tests of competitive products as well as of prototypes of future Hyundai Mobis products
  • Definition of functions and characteristics of next-generation products for the European market
  • Preparation of business plans for product innovations in the automotive industry

The CBS department at MTCE also focuses on supporting OE sales in order to expand market share in Europe and ensuring design capability for a wide range of other companies. Currently, the electronic brakes segment is collaborating with HKMC on ABS (anti-lock brake system), TCS (traction control system), ESC (electronic stability control) and EPB (electronic parking brake) functionality in Europe market.

Fields of expertise:
  • Brake production design for car manufacturers in Europe and sales activities to support launch
  • Coordination of programme development and collaboration with the department responsible in Korea
  • Limitation of vehicle dynamics for all customers and development of vehicle performance under various weather conditions – Sweden/Spain/Germany
  • Management of functional safety for mass production through identification and analysis of potential failures at the development stage

Vehicle steering is one of the most important interfaces between the driver, the vehicle and the road. The steering system transforms the rotary motion of the steering wheel into a swivelling movement of the tyres. Thanks to the modern MDPS technology, the driver needs barely any physical power to steer a heavy vehicle, and MDPS offers a host of other benefits, too. It delivers better driving dynamics through direct steering power transmission, the Flex-Steer system (switchable steering characteristics) and active steering wheel return. Greater control at high speed level and direct feedback on good roads enhance safety, and the system is also more eco-friendly.

Hyundai Mobis currently offers three types of MDPS:
  • Column-type MDPS
  • Dual-pinion rack-type MDPS
  • Belt rack-type MDPS
Fields of expertise:
  • Expert in efficient testing of MDPS functions, on hills and in real environments (highway, test track)
  • High-quality final product that meets real requirements thanks to close collaboration with customers during the test phase