Our People

Steve Edwards Director Advanced Technologies

"I have a strong automotive background as an Engineering Director with a major Tier 1 supplier and have been mainly involved in the area of ADAS, starting about fifteen years ago with the first application of ACC with a Radar to VW. My current role is the Director of Advanced Engineering at Mobis (Frankfurt) and I am responsible for the technology development and acquisition in ADAS and related product areas.
The automotive market is undergoing tremendous innovation in the pursuit of automated driving and improved safety. Here in Mobis we are working with cutting edge technologies to develop very advanced high integrity systems and components. There is an urgency to bring these products to market. This is generating a strong focus and a challenging and exciting working environment for our highly motivated and talented teams."

Andreas Augsten Deputy General Manager MTCE

"Since the speed of innovations in automotive technology is accelerating, we make great efforts at MTCE to create next generation product solutions. In our projects, we realize the integration of advanced electronic components in the fields of Infotainment, Driver Assistance Systems, Hybrid and Electric Drive as well as Autonomous Driving Technologies.
In my role as Manager for Infotainment and Driver Assistance Systems development, I am taking care that we are able to deliver the required product development and evaluation results which ensure that MOBIS’ products meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers. I believe that our goals can only be achieved by empowering our team members to take over a significant part of the responsibilities to reach project success. The initiative, creativity and care for the final result by every team member are key aspects of our management philosophy."

Jaime Arveras Elías de Molins Project Manager Autonomous Driving

“Ever since I joined MOBIS, I’ve never ceased to be impressed by the challenging objectives that the company has set itself and the way management and staff go about achieving those goals together. It is a pleasure to manage projects against the backdrop of those core values: customer focus, challenges, communication and collaboration, people and global orientation. I particularly cherish the opportunity MOBIS gives me every day to bring my own ideas to bear and contribute in my own way to driving our fully-integrated technology company forward.”

Paul Ackermann Project Engineer - DAS

“Many companies preach intercultural exchange, but in my experience very few actually practice it. At the MTCE it is the very fabric of how we work. The different backgrounds and cultures combine to create a vibrant working environment in which new ideas bounce around like so many balls on a pool table. It’s so exciting to be a member of a team that is so clearly shaping tomorrow today. I believe that, with the respect we all show to one another, with the mélange of different mindsets and skillsets, we will together achieve greatness.”

Zohra Qurbani HR Team Lead

“MOBIS has given me a great chance to use all my expertise, skills and experience in my job, and to advance them as I go along. Lean management structures mean open doors and swift reporting paths, which in turn means you never feel things are at a standstill, however difficult finding a solution to a problem may be. What I enjoy most? The openness to new ideas and the willingness to tread new paths. I see this as the basis of all creativity. The new concepts for future projects, along with the great talents I hire, will help us to create a mix for our ongoing success.”

Andre Siegfried Multimedia Team Lead

Since 2011 I am part of the Hyundai Mobis family. In the beginning it was really like a small family with only two members in the Multimedia Team. In the meanwhile the team grew to an extended family with 21 people and will constantly grow in the future. The Multimedia Team is responsible for the development of infotainment and telematic components for the European market like Audio·Navigation systems, eCall, Integrated Center Stacks and Touch Displays. Our field of activity includes software development, testing as well as evaluation and designing the Human Machine Interface. I really enjoy working in a multicultural environment like Hyundai Mobis. There is also a big potential for the success of Hyundai Mobis resulting from the combination of cultures. One example is the combination of drive, flexibility and fast actions of the Korean working culture with the solid structure and processes, as well as long term planning in the German manner. Due to a lot of business trips to Seoul/ Mabuk (Mobis’ R&D center) my appreciation and interest for the Korean culture raise. The long cooperation with Korean colleagues, not only here in Germany but also in Korea led to amities which we try to maintain. This is also an aspect of Hyundai Mobis contributing to the fact that I continuously like working here and wanting to contribute to the success of this company.

Chris Büttner Project Manager Eco-friendly Vehicles

“I joined Hyundai Mobis as a team member of the European Planning Team at MTCE and have been involved in many different projects in various areas such as HMI, Multimedia, Chassis, ADAS and Electric Vehicles. Our projects at the Planning Team have a significant strategic value for the company and are highly future trend-oriented. At the moment, I’m focusing my activities on the technological development of components for Mild- and Full-Hybrid Vehicles as well as Battery Electric vehicles. Since I’ve got the opportunity to work as a Project Manager for a Mild-Hybrid Vehicle System Design, my interest in sustainable green car technologies rose exponentially. I’m very glad that I can be part of a product development at Hyundai Mobis aiming at the introduction of a disruptive technology in the automotive world. The organization within Hyundai Mobis is characterized by a highly dynamic and goal oriented development process as well as an international working environment. Commitment, dedication, creativity and a very high level of professionalism distinguishes each and every employee at MTCE. With this high level of dedication, I believe that Hyundai Mobis will take a leading role in the Automotive Tier 1 Industry and especially in future automotive applications like Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Every talent is invited to participate and evolve these great ideas and contribute to the success of MOBIS.”

Jennifer Grefrath Recruiting Specialist

Due to our ambitious growth and development plans of MTCE, we are looking for highly qualified and talented engineers for MTCE, in such fields as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems as well as Multimedia, Steering, Braking and Lighting. In my role as Recruiting Specialist I am taking care of the recruitment of new employees for our Technical Center in Frankfurt. In the first step of our applying procedure all applications are reviewed in detail. The following step is a two-stage interview process, consisting of a first telephone interview and a final, personal meeting together with the responsible department heads, managers and HR. By hiring a variety of motivated and highly skilled engineers in the next few years, we will contribute to the ongoing success and development of Hyundai Mobis and further raise our rank as one of the world’s top tier automotive suppliers.