Who We Are

Part of the Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai MOBIS produces core automotive components. Our wide range of products includes modules (chassis, cockpit and front-end modules) and many automotive parts for your convenience and safety. Hyundai MOBIS provides most of its modules to Hyundai and Kia, although we are currently expanding our business to other car manufacturers worldwide.

At a Glance
Global Ranking

We will continue to work hard to further raise our rank to one of the world’s top tier automotive parts manufacturers, while also fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Annual Sales

We are building technology for a safe and smart car culture with the happiness of our customers in mind.

Business Sites

We will achieve growth both in advanced and emerging markets through localization strategies in product development and major projects.

No of business network in Korea: 1,940
worldwide: 13,389

<As of 2015>

Investment in R&D

We are focusing on securing independent technology for the core parts of future cars, and increase its competitiveness in electronic devices


The company is mindful of its employees’ quality of life and has established a healthy and safe working environment.

Economic Value generated

The economic value created through diverse business activities is distributed to stakeholders in various forms.

Our Vision