MOBIS in Europe

General Information

Hyundai Mobis is a globally known for its productions system, R&D, and after-sales automotive parts distribution in worldwide. In the heart of the automotive industry we will pursue to be the automotive parts supplier based on superior quality and technology. In addition to recent renovation of MTCE, Hyundai Mobis runs several productions facilities, Quality Control Center, and Parts Distribution Center all over European nations.

More About

Our famous automotive module manufacturing systems are the key for our success. Hyundai Mobis operates four major facilities in Europe; Czech Republic for Hyundai and Slovakia for Kia Motor Company. Turkey and Russia plants are also operated as a regional hub, and their productivity is getting increased. 

Quality Control

Mobis Quality Europe(MQE) is located in Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of analysing field claim and quality issues on the European market for our customers. We are mainly responsible for domestic cars like the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe, which are sold throughout Europe. MQE is divided into five teams: Exterior/Interior, Audio, Mechatronics, Brake and Chassis. We also handle quality issues from external customers and act as an interface between European customers and the Korean headquarter, so that issues are solved quickly and effectively. MQE also performs quality benchmarks and various other technical services, such as prototype evaluation, countermeasure implementation, audits and testing of parts for Hyundai and Kia, with the aim of constant quality improvement.

Multimedia Remanufacturing Center(MRC) is mainly responsible for repairing defective audio and navigation(GPS) devices returned by customers in more than 40 European countries. It is one of six MRCs in worldwide. This family of centres works together to achieve better workflows and optimised customer service. We work closely together with Mobis Quality Europe(MQE) and the MTCE in order to increase customer satisfaction and product quality.

After-Sales Service

 Mobis Parts Europe(MPE) located in Frankfurt, Germany is the main control tower for distributing Hyundai and Kia After Sales Parts in European countries. The automotive parts business is divided into seven branches, which are responsible for the local market and parts distribution. MPE provides all service parts required for Hyundai and Kia vehicles. The Aftersales Parts division continues to bring innovation to the parts supply system by streamlining logistics hubs and constructing high-tech distribution systems early. It also operates customer-focused management, enhancing customer satisfaction with improved services at customer touch points and proactive communication with customers.