Our teams at MTCE strive to secure and optimise the best technologies in automobile parts through innovation and constantly working to meet challenges.

We maintain our leading role in automotive parts technologies by fostering talent and cooperating with advanced parts manufacturers overseas. Along with ongoing research into modules, systems and parts, we aim to expand the scope of MTCE into electronic parts. These parts will be essential to future automotive technology. By focusing on them, we provide car manufacturers and general customers with improved satisfaction and value.

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Our philosophy

The MTCE fully subscribes to the five core values that define the DNA of the Hyundai Motor Group. It was born of a wish to build a creative organisational culture that focuses on customers while respecting and rewarding talent.

We foster a customer-driven corporate culture and seek to fulfil the needs and expectations of European customers – by delivering top quality and the very best service.

We aspire to make the impossible possible. With passion and drive, confidence and ingenuity, we endeavour to assist our parent company become the future leader on the European market.

We nurture a culture of sharing ideas and synergies, as we are certain that this is this source of our success and our growth. Lean hierarchies and interdisciplinary interaction are therefore cornerstones of our everyday working lives.

We support our staff wherever possible, in the firm belief that the future of our company lies in the hearts and capabilities of individual members. Mutual respect, fairness and talent cultivation are key to our activities.

We are convinced that diversity is the basis for all global leaders. That is why we consciously employ people from all over the world – out of a wish to promote the intercultural company spirit that drives international success.