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MOBIS launches Junior Engineering Class in Europe Jun. 13, 2016

With great success, Hyundai MOBIS has launched the Junior Engineering Class (JEC) in Germany.

As part of the global Social Contribution program, the Junior Engineering Class has been established in Korea already in 2005, running successfully ever since, and also been launched in China last year. To foster young scientists, MOBIS engineers volunteer for this program to hold practical science classes in regular schools, teaching children about car safety and also building a model car together with the pupils.

JEC Launch group photo.jpg

For a successful launch, representatives of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team from Korea visited the European headquarter in Frankfurt. They were joined by Prof. Hwang and Prof. Choi from Hanyang University, who have provided the pedagogical background for this program.

On Thursday 9th, Hyundai MOBIS then visited the Frankfurt school Schule am Ried and held the program with one of the school’s natural sciences classes. The Schule am Ried is a big comprehensive school with nearly 1,300 pupils, located in the north-east of Frankfurt, which has a focus on the natural sciences (“MINT school”).

It might be hard to tell who enjoyed the class more: the 30 pupils from grade 6, who excitedly constructed their own model car which is able to recognize obstacles and autonomously brake in front of it – or the Hyundai MOBIS team of Engineers, Management and HR who supported them.

JEC Launch workshop.jpg

On this occasion Hyundai MOBIS also introduced the ‘Sharing Clear Bubble Umbrellas’ campaign for the traffic safety of children, a common social contribution activity in Korea and China, and has distributed transparent umbrellas to all participating pupils.

Upon the very positive feedback from teachers, principal and pupils of the school, the Hyundai MOBIS JEC team is now looking forward to having the next Junior Engineering Class also at Schule am Ried, on June 23rd.

JEC Launch race.jpg