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Full power in 2016 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Jun. 16, 2016

Despite the unpleasant weather during the afternoon, MOBIS employees once again participated in the annual J.P. Morgan Run in Frankfurt on June 15th, 2016. “Take care of yourself and take care of your colleagues”, said Mr. Moon, President of MOBIS Parts Europe N.V., before wishing them lots of fun and success in the event.

2016 JP run.jpg

Once the MOBIS team arrived in the Frankfurt city center, also the weather turned sunny. With as little as 22 minutes as the best time for the 5.6km run, MOBIS employees demonstrated their sportiness and enjoyed the event amongst roughly 70,000 runners from various companies. After successful completion of the run, the team gathered at the MOBIS party point to reward themselves with some drinks and a nice barbeque – and is already looking forward to taking the next challenge also in 2017!