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2nd Junior Engineering Class in Germany Nov. 10, 2016

After the successful launch of the Junior Engineering Class in Germany this June, Hyundai MOBIS entered the second round of its Social Contribution Program to foster pupils’ interest in natural science and engineering.

On November 3rd, 2016 Hyundai MOBIS visited again the school “Schule am Ried” in Frankfurt, which has a special focus on natural science. As in June, the pupils as well as teachers were highly-motivated and fascinated by the technical insights into car safety.


Some pupils even reported about their own experiences and knowledge in the field of safety cars and driving, such as parking assistance systems.

Besides the theoretical part, held by one of the Hyundai MOBIS’ engineers, the pupils had the chance to build their own model cars. With great excitement every pupil has built its safety car, which autonomously recognizes obstacles and brakes in front of these.



At the end of the day every pupil received one of the ‘Sharing Clear Bubble Umbrellas’ - already very common in Korea and China - to strengthen children's traffic safety.

Altogether the second Junior Engineering Class in Germany was a great success. The school as well as Hyundai MOBIS are looking forward to the next class. By next year the number of participating schools will be also extended to further raise awareness of driving safety to children.