MOBIS produces both hydraulic Conventional Braking Systems (CBS) and Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) for vehicles. These increase braking performance and meet customer safety demands and regulatory requirements

Calliper brake
  • Stops the rotating brake disc by clamping it with the brake pads using hydraulic actuation
  • Widely used in the Conventional Braking System
  • Lightweight and low drag for optimised fuel economy
Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Used when the vehicle is parked
  • Activated by pushing a button instead of a hand lever or pedal
  • Calliper-type EPB: Generates clamping force with an electric motor and gear set on the calliper.
  • Cable puller-type EPB: Pulls the parking brake cables connected to a separate actuator with a motor and gear set
Parking Integrated Calliper (PIC)
  • Calliper with both service and parking brake functions
  • Uses the Ball in Ramp (BIR) or Cam & Strut (C&S) structure as a parking mechanism
Master cylinder & booster
  • Provides hydraulic pressure to the front and rear brakes
  • The brake booster amplifies the force caused by the driver’s pedal input using the pressure difference between the engine vacuum and atmosphere over a diaphragm
  • The brake master cylinder transforms the force from the booster into hydraulic pressure
  • Used when the vehicle is parked
  • Manual operation
  • Widely used in conventional systems with rear calliper brakes
  • Modulates the hydraulic pressure on each of a vehicle’s four brakes by applying, releasing and holding a volume of brake fluid as specified by an electronic controller
  • Includes ABS/ESC/ESC premium wheel slip controls